Industrial color carton

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Sample Sheet type Composition line Number of cuts sheet length sheet width cut size Carton length Carton width Height
(1) 3 layer flute Craft test recycled 8 4 117.2 200 48.00 34 22.90 25
(2) 3 layer flute Craft recycled Craft 8 4 161.2 190 46.80 45.20 33.70 13
(3) 3 layer flute recycled floating recycled 6 3 232 170 52.60 75.70 38.30 14.00

Oil carton: Maintaining quality and improving the shopping experience


Packaging, as one of the main and most important factors in the food industry, plays an important role in maintaining the quality of products. Edible oil cartons are among the important and sensitive products in this industry that require accurate production. In this context, the edible oil carton is known as one of the common choices for packaging in this context.

Features and benefits of edible oil packaging cartons: Edible oil packaging cartons, with their special features and benefits, help maintain the quality and freshness of these products. These features include:

  1. Vulnerability protection: By creating a protective coating, the carton protects the edible oils from possible damage such as light, moisture and impacts.

  2. Prevention of contamination: As a separating layer between the product and the external environment, the packaging carton prevents unwanted contamination of edible oil.

  3. Enhancing the consumer experience: An attractive design and detailed information on the carton improves the consumer’s shopping experience and helps increase their trust in the product.

  4. Preservation of useful elements: Carton acts as a protector for oils containing vitamins and other useful elements and prevents the destruction of these elements.

Uses and effects of edible oil cartons:
Edible oil cartons are very important as a protective and promotional tool. This packaging can have an important effect on:

  1. Maintaining quality and freshness: As a protective layer, carton prevents oxygen and sunlight and maintains the quality and freshness of edible oils.

  2. Attracting the attention of customers: a beautiful and attractive design on the carton attracts the attention of customers and encourages them to buy the product.

  3. Product identification: information about the type and specifications of edible oils is placed on the carton, which helps customers choose the product they want carefully.

  4. Encouraging informed consumption: By providing important information such as contents, expiration date and consumption tips, cartons can encourage more informed consumption.

Questions and answers:

  1. Why is the edible oil carton important?
    A quality carton helps preserve the product, prevent damage and environmental pollution, and also encourage customers to buy the right product.

  2. Can edible oil packaging cartons be recycled?
    Yes, many packaging cartons are produced using recycled materials.

  3. How can the edible oil carton improve the customer’s shopping experience?
    With an attractive design and providing detailed information, it is possible to improve the customer’s shopping experience and increase their trust in the product.

The use of packaging cartons in edible oils preserves quality, prevents damage and pollution, provides a better shopping experience for customers, and preserves the environment. In addition to the protective role, carton packaging also helps in advertising and branding, and ultimately helps to improve the quality of life of consumers and the development of the food industry.

Industrial color carton: Importance, uses and benefits

Abstract: As an important component in the production and packaging chain of industrial products, the industrial color carton plays a very important role in preserving the products. In this article, the importance of industrial color cardboard, its uses and the various benefits it offers to producers and consumers are discussed.

Due to the growing need to package and preserve products in various industries, industrial color cartons are considered as a basic tool. This type of carton with special coloring and the use of quality materials, in addition to attracting the attention of customers, is also responsible for the maximum protection of products.

One of the main benefits of the industrial color carton is the protection of the internal content. This type of carton provides resistance to impact and external damage by using different layers. 

Questions and answers:

  1. Why is the industrial color carton important in the production and packaging chain of industrial products?  The industrial color carton guarantees the protection of the products with coloring and quality materials and helps to attract the attention of customers.

  2. What are the benefits of using industrial color cardboard?  This type of cardboard protects against external damage caused by impact, light, etc. by creating impact resistance and protecting the internal content.

  3. What factors are important in choosing industrial color cardboard materials?  Materials with quality, resistance, and coloring are very important in choosing industrial color cardboard materials.

  1. How can you draw the attention of customers in the design of industrial color cartons?  Appropriate and creative design, using colors, symbols and patterns, can help to draw the attention of customers. Also, the use of the logo and well-known brand elements can also be an incentive for buyers.

  2. Does industrial color cardboard affect the environment?  By choosing recycled materials and using environmentally friendly materials, the negative effects of industrial color cardboard on the environment can be reduced.

  3. How to improve the quality of industrial color cardboard?  The use of high quality materials, precise production processes and regular quality control can help improve the quality of industrial color cardboard.

  4. What are the disadvantages of using industrial color cardboard?  It is possible over time In some cases, the colors become slightly neutral or vulnerable to certain environmental conditions. Also, the cost of some types of industrial color cardboard may be a bit high due to the materials used.

  5. How can industrial color cartons be used in brand promotion?  By using the brand’s logo, symbol, and special colors in the design of industrial color cartons, it is possible to strengthen the brand’s relationship with customers and increase brand recognition.

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