IML printing

IML printing

  IML (In Mold Labeling) printing is a printing and packaging process in which printed labels are placed on the packaging mold before the polymer material is poured into the mold. In this process, the label is simultaneously and permanently attached to the mold, in other words, the label is produced integrally with the mold and packaging.

In the IML printing process, the label is made of a polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET) film on which it is printed. Then the packaging mold is covered with a thin layer of polymer and finally polymer materials are poured to take the final shape of the packaging.

Among the advantages of IML printing, we can mention the beauty and high durability of the label, the non-separation of the label from the mold, the high efficiency of printing and packaging, and the application in the production of full-coverage packaging. Also, this process can reduce the time and cost of production and thus improve the quality and efficiency of production. In general, IML printing is an efficient and low-cost way to package products that are used in various industries such as home appliances, disposable containers, etc.

Advantages of using IML printing

Using the IML (In-Mold Labeling) printing process in the production of packaging has several advantages, including:

  • High durability:   Labels printed in the IML printing process are permanently attached to the packaging mold and are washable and resistant to various environmental conditions, which increases the durability of the packaging.
  • Beauty and attractiveness:   In the IML printing process, the labels printed accurately and with high quality are placed on the packaging template and are considered as a fixed part of the packaging. This makes the packaging have an attractive and dynamic appearance that can help attract customers.
  • High efficiency:  IML printing process reduces production time and cost, because the labels are placed in the packaging mold at the same time as the polymer material is poured.
  • Non-separation of the label:   One of the main advantages of using IML printing is the non-separation of the label from the packaging format. This makes the labels always stick to the mold and the packaging has a neat and attractive appearance.
  • Using high-quality materials:   Using IML printing makes the packaging have more layers of high-quality polymer, which improves the durability and safety of the packaging and preserves the product.