Before printing

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Before printing

In the world of printing, the pre-press process plays an important role in quality assurance.

In the modern printing and box-making industry, the path of a printed product starts much longer than it seems before it reaches the printing press. Pre-printing services include a series of steps are important that provide perfect printing and efficient production.

Pre-printing services act as the pillar of the printing process and it is a stage where the skill and accuracy of experts has a significant impact on the final result.

The use of pre-print services includes the following:

  • Preparation of design and graphics

Before starting the printing process, the design and graphics must be fully prepared. This includes using advanced software to create, edit and complete designs for printing.

  • Lithographic role

Lithography is one of the most important aspects of prepress services. This process involves using metal plates to transfer the design to the printed surface.

  • The importance of packaging design

Packaging design is especially important in pre-press services, especially in the marketing and retail industries

  • Lithographic design

In the field of packaging design, lithography plays a major role in helping to accurately transfer the design on the packaging surface and prepare it for printing.

  • Use of lithography in printing

Lithography, short for lithographic printing, is a popular and widely used technology in the printing industry due to its accuracy and ability to reproduce complex designs and details. This printing method is done by metal or aluminum plates on which the designs are engraved in reverse.

  • Roll to sheet

The roll-to-sheet process in pre-press services involves converting large rolls of printed material into individual sheets. Roll-to-sheet conversion is done using special machines that carefully convert the rolls into individual sheets. The roll-to-sheet process has several advantages, including greater productivity. It brings flexibility and cost savings, which is used in various applications.


Pre-press services play an important role in the world of printing and ensure that every printed product achieves high quality standards. From packaging design to lithography and the roll-to-sheet process, every step contributes to the success of all printing projects.

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