Glue box

Glue box

Glue box It is a process in which one side of the box that is open is coated with glue to be attached to the other edge of the box, which is done by gluing box machines. This type of packaging box is very popular in the printing and packaging industry, and due to its ease of use, it is used to customize the packaging of various products..

Glue box steps

The glue box process in box making and printing and packaging includes the following steps:

1- Box design: At first, the design of the box is drawn on paper or cardboard. The design may include the size and shape of the box and how it will be closed.

2- Cutting paper or cardboard: after designing the box, paper or cardboard is cut using a cutting machine and it appears in the desired shape for the box.

3- Printing on the box or carton: After cutting the box or carton, you can print the trademark, product name and other required information on it using a printing machine.

4- Bending the box: after printing, to close the box, different parts of the box are bent to create the desired shape, and then to close the box, the inside is smeared with glue, and finally the edges are glued together.

In general, the adhesive box in printing and packaging is used in the packaging of various products due to its ease of use, economic cost and high customization capability.