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Sending all products in completely safe packages all over the country
The possibility of production at a reasonable cost due to the existence of the production process from paper to box in one set
Consulting and physical design and product printing by the professional packaging design team

Introduction Farahonar Novin

About box making

Farahonar Novin

FarahonarNovin Printing and Packaging and Boxing Company is a manufacturer of cardboard and luxury cardboard boxes for various health, cosmetic, food, candy and chocolate industries, tobacco, electronic industries, automobile industries, etc. The distinguishing feature of this collection with other similar companies is the presence of professional designer personnel and machines with the latest European technology, which has brought the possibility of producing products with special effects of printing, cutting and box-making at high speed and on a mass scale. The production of paper, boxes, and mother cartons in the collection guarantees the price, delivery time, and quality of the finished product, and makes it possible to offer a complete box-making and packaging package to customers.


01. Ideas

Idea generation before design, packaging printing and box making


02. Designing

Suitable packaging design for products of different factories


03. Implementation and production

Implementation of the designed idea and production of packaging and printing to present to customers


04. Delivery

Delivery of packaging produced with a new method to the customers of Farhanar Novin

History of Almas sabz kavir

Almas Sabz Industrial Group started its activity in 1999 with the aim of production and job creation and by creating complete lines of paper production and production of all kinds of sheets, followed by printing and cardboard production using advanced machinery and expert people.

The titles of the subgroups of Almas Sabz Industrial Group are:

جعبه‌ گسترده با آرم شرکت فراهنرنوین

List of subgroups of Almas Sabz Industrial Group

لوگوی شرکت مدرن کارتن صنعت سبز
Modern carton sanat sabz
لوگوی شرکت کارتن پلاست هدیش ایساتیس
carton plast hedish isatis
لوگوی شرکت کاغذ کار الماس سبز
kaghaz kar almas sabz
لوگوی شرکت مدرن کاغذ صنعت سبز
modern kaghaz sanat sabz
لوگو گروه صنعتی الماس سبز، سازنده جعبه و کارتن
almas sabz kavir yazd
لوگو شرکت چاپ و بسته بندی فراهنرنوین
Farahonar novin box making

making boxes

The box industry is one of the most important industries in the production of a variety of products, including paper boxes, cardboard boxes that include boxes with glued edges, boxes with glued ends and openings on the upper surface, boxes with glued ends, boxes with ends Glued has edged corners at the bottom.

Box making is the process of making a box. Different materials such as cardboard, plastic, wood and metal can be used to make a box. Boxes can be used for a variety of purposes including transportation, storage, and display.

There are many steps in the box making process. The first step is to design the box. This includes determining the size, shape and material of the box. The next step is to make the box. This can be done by hand or using a machine. After the box is made, it can be printed or decorated. The final stage of the box making process is box assembly. This involves putting all the pieces of the box together.

There are different types of boxes. The most common type of box is a cardboard box. Cardboard boxes are made of cardboard and are used to transport and store a variety of items. Another type of box is a plastic box. Plastic boxes are made of plastic and are used to transport and store food and other items. The third type of box is a wooden box. Wooden boxes are made of wood and used to transport and store fragile items. The fourth type of box is a metal box. Metal boxes are made of metal and used for transporting and storing heavy items.

Boxes have many uses. They are used to transport items from one place to another. They are also used to store items when not in use. Boxes can also be used to display items in stores or other public places.


This industry plays an essential role in preserving and protecting products from damage and environmental pollution. Here, we will examine the devices used in the box making industry and examine the role of each of these devices in the production of boxes.

1. Prototype machine:

The prototype machine is one of the basic tools in the production of paper and cardboard boxes. This device is used to prototype the structure of boxes. Using this device, sample models of boxes are produced so that the structure and final design of the boxes can be tested and checked before mass production begins.

A box prototyping machine is a machine used to make prototypes of cardboard boxes. It is an invaluable tool for designers and manufacturers who need to prototype their boxes before mass production.

There are different types of box making prototype machines. Some of the most common types are:

  • Manual Prototype Maker: This type of box prototyping machine is ideal for making small and simple box prototypes. It is easy to use and does not require electricity.
  • Semi-Automatic Prototype Maker: This type of box prototyping machine is ideal for making more complex box prototypes. It is faster and more efficient than a manual box maker and usually uses a single power source.
    • Fully Automatic Prototype Maker: This type of box prototyping machine is ideal for making high-volume box prototypes. This is the fastest and most efficient type of box prototyping machine and usually uses multiple power sources.
  • There are many factors in choosing the right box making prototype machine. Some factors to consider are:

    • Budget: The price of box prototyping machines can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.
    • Volume: If you need to make a large number of prototypes, you will need a high volume box prototyping machine.
    • Complexity: If you need to make complex box prototypes, you will need a box prototyping machine with complex features.

    Once you’ve determined your needs, you can start looking for the prototype box making machines that meet your needs. There are a number of different manufacturers of prototype box making machines, so you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

Box prototyping machine
The image shows the device used for prototyping and designing packaging boxes.

2. Printer proof

Proof printer is one of the important devices in producing boxes. This device is used for graphical prototyping of boxes. Using proof printer, images and graphic designs are printed on the surface of the boxes.

There are different types of proof printers, but the most common type is inkjet printers. Inkjet-proof printers create high-quality images by spraying tiny droplets of ink onto paper.

Proof printers are typically used by printing and photography professionals, but they can also be used in any environment that requires high-quality printing.

The advantages of using printer proof are:

  • High print quality: Proof printers are able to produce images with accurate resolution and color.
  • Color accuracy: Proof printers are designed to accurately print colors that are important for the final print.
  • Save time and money: Proof printers can help you save time and money by preventing costly mistakes in the final print.

The disadvantages of using proof printer are:

  • Cost: Proof printers can be more expensive than regular printers.
  • Ink: Ink for proof printers can be expensive and run out quickly.
  • Space: Proof printers can be large and bulky.
Printer proof for box making
The image showing printer proof, which is used in the box industry to print and display the specifications of boxes.


3. Plate setter:

Plate setter is used to create graphic designs on aluminum plate using laser engraving technology. This device allows creating precise and high-quality designs on boxes.

Plate setter machine in the box making industry
The image showing the plate setter machine that is used in the box making industry to create and make the molds needed for strong and strong boxes.

4. Unroller (roll to sheet):

Unroller is a machine used to convert paper and cardboard rolls into wide sheets up to 140 cm wide. This machine allows easy use of raw materials and helps to produce boxes from paper and cardboard sheets.

Roll to sheet for the box industry
The image shows the process of converting rolls into sheets for use in the box industry.

5. Cutting machine:

The cutting machine is used for longitudinal and transverse cutting of paper and cardboard. This machine is very critical for high precision in cutting materials and making accurate dimensions of boxes.

6. Decal palette:

The lapping palette is responsible for sorting the edges of paper and cardboard, vibrating and removing possible dust. This machine also prepares the material for printing on the back of the printed material.

7. Offset printing:

Offset printing is one of the important stages in the production of boxes. Using this method, printing is done on paper and cardboard with a specific grammage per square meter.

8. Offset printing with mm thickness:

In some cases, offset printing is done with a specified millimeter thickness on paper and cardboard. This printing method gives the boxes extra beauty and protective power. The box making industry needs sophisticated and modern machines to produce high quality boxes. Sometimes, in the production of boxes, various machines are used, which are responsible for various tasks from prototyping to printing on the boxes. Also, the selection of suitable devices and the ability to use maximum technologies help to maintain the quality and precision in the production of boxes. Finally, the role of all these devices in the box production process is very vital. From prototyping and initial design to precise cutting, quality printing and maintaining the safety and attractiveness of boxes, all these factors make the box making industry one of the largest and most important industries in the world. The use of modern and advanced devices allows box-making companies to produce a variety of high-quality boxes and individual designs. This industry also plays an important role in supporting other industries such as food, electronics and sanitary ware. As a result, the development and improvement of production processes and the use of new technologies in this industry can lead to an increase in the quality and efficiency of the production of boxes, and since boxes are an essential part of packaging and preserving products, they are of particular importance.

Requirements for box sets

A box is a container for packing things for protection, easy transportation, beauty of the product and advertising. The word “box” brings to mind the cardboard type of packaging, and this type of packaging is usually produced in box factories. There are many ways to set up a box building complex, and a wide range of technical and economic plans can be considered.

For example, imagine a person who wants to establish a collection with a very limited investment and the production of three-color boxes and envelopes making boxes It seems that a 200-meter space, a second-hand three-color offset printing machine, a razor and folding line machine, and a cutting machine are enough for him. Outsourcing must be done. All cardboards must be cellophaneed after each step so that they are not exposed to distortion. The quality sensitivity of the works of this box making collection is very low and equal to the gray back boxes of products that are never considered luxury. The output prices of this box are also in the medium to low range in the market. The quality indicators of authentic box factories, such as color management and the use of special brands of paper and ink, usually do not have a place in these box factories.

In the second scenario, the investor or investors in the field making boxes And imagine the printing and packaging, which were usually used by old printing houses, and the readiness to equip and upgrade the collection making boxes They have a range of boxes that can produce the works of famous brands and provide what these brands expect from a box. In the meantime, what is important is not only modernizing the machines, but also some quality control methods of products and processes need to be updated to minimize the problems of printing and post-printing operations. In this range of box making, looking at the regulation of temperature and humidity of the hall and the physical elements of the building still remain in the form of traditional box making, so it is necessary to maintain the cardboard correctly from one operation to another.

Offset printing machine
An image of an offset printing machine with excellent performance and high accuracy.

The third model is investing in a box-making complex in the form of a box-making complex, of which there are perhaps a handful in Iran. It is worth mentioning that the purpose of establishing the modern art complex was the same at the beginning. In this range of printing and packaging factories or box factories, from the beginning, the desired product type is considered for production, and then we will move on to equip the box-making complex based on the investment goal. For example, imagine an investor in the field of box-making, who, after analyzing the market, comes to the conclusion that the box-making of hair dye packaging is very complicated, but valuable at the same time. Therefore, on this basis, the printing machine is directed making boxes It provides itself with the possibility of hybrid UV, printing on metallization and the number of printing units above five colors, it also uses inks with very high quality brands and high quality inner board papers. Based on this, before building the printing house, it makes the necessary coordination with its customers or outsourced production, and the physical space requirements, including the absence of windows in the hall. making boxes, the floor and walls conforming to the principles of sanitary boxes, as well as setting the temperature and humidity of the hall, are on its agenda. Obviously, this investment model, in addition to high capital, requires a competent and capable management with full knowledge of printing matters making boxes It requires a management team that will create a high organizational culture in the organization so that everyone will feel cheerful, relaxed and efficient from working in such a group, as well as profitable for the sake of the group’s survival. making boxes be optimized to its maximum extent.

In general, it can be said that any type of private sector investment in the field of box making Especially in the current situation of Iran, where we are dealing with issues such as rapid changes in laws, politicization of the economy, and the reduction of the purchasing power of organizations (in addition to ordinary people), it requires a detailed market analysis, detailed technical and economic calculations of the plan, as well as It is an acceptable prediction of the public’s attitude and liking for some products, otherwise the probability of significant success in this field is very high and unfortunately, if we are introduced in the value chain of customers as an unpopular box maker, it will be difficult to gain brand credibility. Reconstructed box-making, a subject that may have been neglected by many public and private managers of the country.

Below we point out the most important activities that a modern box building with the third level deals with:

  • branding
  • Providing the maximum possible quality in raw materials, machines and process definition
  • Choice of luxury and quality customers
  • Daily upgrade of the level of specialized information and organizational culture of members

making boxes

Finally, we point out that what is more than the size of a physical size making boxes It is important, the sublime thoughts of the owner or owners of the collection that can be collected making boxes bring the company closer to the defined maximum profitability, modern and up-to-date science of management along with the art of communication with employees and specialized intelligence in all affairs of the making boxess From the sales unit to the production, all factors are quite effective in arranging and benefiting from such a collection, which is really great. making boxes FarahonarNovin whose foundation was tied to these goals from the beginning, is trying to realize this dream in the midst of a multitude of issues that make it difficult to adapt actions to words. And it only determines the satisfaction of customers inside and outside the organization.