After printing

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After printing

Printing has been one of the most important means of communication and information transfer since ancient times. With the advancement of technology and the development of printing methods, it is possible to print a variety of products, including books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, cards, and packaging in the box-making process. But after the printing process, the need for post-printing services is felt to improve and upgrade the final quality of the products.


There are many benefits to using post-printing services on products and packaging, including:

  1. Cutting and finishing work: One of the main services after printing is cutting and finishing printed products in the final form. In this step, the printed product is cut to the exact size and shape. This process is especially important for cards, labels and packaging. Correct and accurate cutting removes excess edges and creates the desired final shape of the product.
  2. Binding:newspaper or scoring(Scoring) There are other post-printing services that guarantee product quality improvement. Binding is a process that bends the paper at specific points of the work by using cutting lines to make it easily flexible and folded. This is important to prevent ink from breaking or transferring on curved products such as boxes or book covers.
  3. Talakob: prominent role in post-printing services Creating added value for printed products. Gilding improves the appearance and attracts the attention of customers, which leads to the improvement of the value and appropriate pricing of the product. Due to the gilded designs and patterns on the boxes and packaging, printed products are distinguished from other competing products and find a special place in the market..
  4. دایکات و برجسته سازی : In order to increase the quality and have a better impact, diecut and embossing are done, which improve the appearance and absorbability of printed products by using special methods and techniques. Die-cut is one of the post-printing services that uses special tools and equipment to cut specific areas of the printed product with more precision and splendor. This process cuts the product in a desired shape by creating extra edges and special holes and gives the part better flexibility and layout. Diecut can add special designs, signs, slogans or more communication information to printed products and increase their effectiveness..Highlighting is another post-printing service that highlights selected parts of printed products using special methods.
  5. Window services: In post-printing services, one of the most important and practical services is box windowing. This service provides customers with the possibility to see inside the product and display its parts by creating small and transparent windows in the product packaging or box.Box windowing is very effective as one of the post-printing services to increase the attractiveness and visibility of printed products. By creating transparent windows in the boxes or product packaging, customers can easily see the important and attractive parts of the product and ensure its quality and content. This possibility of seeing inside the product increases customers’ trust in your products and brand and can make a more informed choice for them.

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