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Production Facilities

What is the production capacity of the modern art collection?

The daily production capacity in the set is 300,000 printed forms 72x102 and 360,000 printed forms 100x142.

What kind of support can Farahner Novin Company provide in the field of printing and packaging?

This collection has the possibility of producing all kinds of lithography works, prototyping and mass printing, cutting and gluing boxes with offset and flexo printing technology.

Is the partial production of modern high-tech products outsourced?

No, all packaging products of Farahanar Novin company are produced in the salon of this company.

Is there a circulation limit for placing an order in Farahan Navin collection?

All titles above 5000 and below 100 are accepted in Farahanar Navin collection (for prototyping).

What is the form of complying with the health requirements in the modern art collection?

In this collection, all requirements for the production of food and pharmaceutical products are met.

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customer services

What is the design service of the (Farahonar Novin) collection?

Farahonar Novin Collection is proud to provide all box and carton design services to customers.

What is the customer support service like in Farahanar Navin collection?

Free production consultation, optimization of product design, follow-up of orders and notification of production steps are some of the services that Farahan Navin Group provides for its customers.

Is it the customer's responsibility to provide printed material?

: Regarding the production of quality paper in Almas Sabz Industrial Group, our recommendation is to use the available paper resources in the company, at the same time, if the customer wants to supply the ordered paper, it will be accepted.

How to update our product design with the advice of Farahonar Novin Company?

Dear customers, by sending the dimensions of the desired container, they can submit their package redesign request to Farahanar Navin Company and choose their desired model from among several proposed designs that are in accordance with the most up-to-date design methods in the world.

Is it possible to manage the shipping time for different parts of the order?

Farahner Novin company has the possibility to send boxes, holograms, labels and cartons at the same time according to the customer's time request.

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Product and service quality

Is the speed of prototyping acceptable in modern art collection?

Farahanar Novin Collection will send the witness sample within 24 hours after the design is approved by the customer.

Is the example of Farahner Navin's packaging work physically visible?

Dear customers can visit the product exhibition by visiting the company in person.

Are the conditions of temperature and humidity in the modern art collection in such a way that the quality of the printed material is maintained?

Yes, the temperature and humidity control in this collection is strictly applied and the temperature range of the factory is between 24 and 26 degrees and the humidity is between 50 and 60%, then the product is wrapped in cellophane to leave the factory, so there is no change in shape. is not seen in the material.

Are there quality management system certificates in the collection?

Yes, the group companies have all quality and environmental management system certificates.

Is it possible to carry out detailed quality control processes of printing, including full color matching of the product with the printed sample?

Yes, due to the use of the best brands of printing machines, prototyping and strict quality control processes, it is possible to produce printing colors that match the sample.

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Ordering and delivery

Is it possible to order the product online?

Yes, this possibility has been created on the website.

Is it possible to export boxes and cartons to other countries?

Yes, Farahonar Novin has a successful history in exporting cellulose packaging products.

Is it possible to provide other engineering services such as design of engineering drawings, packaging design, translation of specialized texts in Farahan Navin collection?

Yes, due to the existence of the research and development team and effective communication with design professional groups, if you wish, you can make your request in writing so that necessary coordination can be done as soon as possible to perform the engineering services.

What is the delivery time of orders in Faranonar Novin company?

Orders in Farahonar Navin collection are ready for delivery within a week, if the customer wants to depot and send part by part, it is necessary to make the necessary coordination with the sales unit of the collection.

Are logistics services provided to send the customer's product at Farahonar Navin Company?

Yes, this service is provided at a reasonable price and at a high speed in this collection.

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Raw materials and production methods

What is the difference between flexo printing and offset printing?

Flexo printing uses clichés and water-based inks to perform printing operations, in direct printing on corrugated cardboard, high-volume label printing works, and some boxes, different types of sheet and roll input of flexo printing machines are used. In offset printing, which is still considered one of the most delicate printing technologies, in addition to high-quality printing using oil-based ink, various effects based on UV-based ink such as glossy, matte and sandy UV can be implemented. In Farahonar collection, depending on the material, circulation and print design, the best printing technology is offered to the customers.

Is it possible to create diecut-related effects such as highlighting and gilding?

Yes, all facilities related to the implementation of special effects related to die cut, such as embossing, microtexture, and warm gilding, are applicable in the production hall of Farahner Novin Company.

Which models of glue boxes can be produced in Farahonar Novin company?

It is possible to produce all types of glue boxes available in the market, including all types of lacquer bottoms in Farahan Navin collection.

Does the input of printed material necessarily have to be in the form of a sheet?

No, due to the presence of precise roll-to-sheet machines in the collection, it is possible to enter material in both roll and sheet form, but the printed output is only in sheet form.

Are there any restrictions on the type of paper used?

In general, there is no problem in using and supplying different types of paper, but it is recommended to use lint-free paper.

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