Roll to sheet

Roll to sheet

Roll to Sheet It is a process in packaging in which packaging materials are cut from a large roll and made into smaller sheets and finally used as separate sheets for packaging products. This packaging method is used for materials such as paper, cardboard, foil, polyethylene, nylon, etc..

The advantages of using roll to sheet in packaging are:

1- Reducing wastage of packaging materials: by cutting packaging materials from a large roll, it has less waste compared to cutting from individual sheets.

2- Increasing the speed of packaging: by using roll to sheet, packaging materials can be cut and packed more quickly.

3- Reduction of production costs: by using roll to sheet, the cost of production and cutting of packaging materials is reduced.

4- Customization: By using roll to sheet, you can cut and customize the packaging materials to the desired size and shape.

5- Reducing the storage space: by using roll to sheet, instead of storing separate sheets, you can use a large roll and reduce the storage space.

In general, roll-to-sheet packaging is used to reduce wastage of packaging materials, increase packaging speed, reduce production costs, allow customization, and reduce storage space.