(Lithography) It is a printing process used to produce printing plates in the printing industry. In this process, a printed image is created on a flat, non-printing surface (such as a metal surface) and then used for printing such as offset printing..

Zinc is one of the materials used in the lithography process, especially in offset lithography which is one of the most common lithography methods. In offset lithography, the printing surface is covered using a metal plate, and zinc is often used as the printing plate material..

Zinc is considered for its special properties such as anti-corrosion properties, bending ability and the ability to structure the printing plate. Zinc printing plates are prepared and used in the offset lithography process to cover the printed image on the surface of the zinc metal plate. This image is then transferred from the metal plate to the printing surface (usually paper)..

Applications of zinc in lithography include printing newspapers, magazines, catalogs, brochures, packaging, and more. The use of zinc in the lithography industry has facilitated the development and growth of this industry due to its lower costs and suitable properties..

In what industries is lithography used?

Lithography Lithographyas a widely used printing process, is used in various industries. Some of the industries that use lithography are:

1- Printing industry: Lithography is used in the printing industry of newspapers, magazines, books, brochures, catalogs, packaging, labels and other printed items.

2- Electronics industry: lithography in the production of integrated circuits (IC) and electronic components are used. This method is used to produce optical patterns on the surfaces of semiconductors and other electronic components.

3- Packaging industry: Lithography is used in the design and production of various packaging such as boxes, bags, bottles and other packaging.

4- Advertising and marketing industry: Lithography is used in the production of advertising boards, posters, publications and other advertising materials.