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Carton is a type of packaging that is usually used to pack and transport different products. Cardboard is made of several layers of paper and can be made in different sizes and shapes. Cardboard is used to package products such as electronic appliances, food, stationery, household appliances, etc.

How to produce cartons

Carton production consists of several stages, which are generally divided into two categories: raw material production and final carton production.
Production of cardboard raw material:
The primary material of cardboard is paper. To produce cardboard, paper must be produced first. To produce paper, wood or other materials that contain cellulose must first be collected. Then cellulose is extracted from these materials and combined with various chemicals such as sulfate, sodium hydroxide, sulfide and other chemicals. Finally, paper is produced using paper machines.

Carton production:
After paper production, the stages of cardboard production include pulping, making cardboard sheets, and then packing and transporting them. In the pulping stage, paper pulp is prepared using chemicals and water. Then this pulp is converted into cardboard sheets in sheeting machines. Finally, these cardboard sheets are cut to the required size and shape and are turned into cardboard boxes in packaging machines.

Application of cardboard

Cardboard is used for various purposes in the industry, we mention some of their uses:

  • Packaging of electronic products such as TV, computer, mobile phone, etc.
  • Food packaging such as fruit, vegetables, beans, bread, sweets, meat, fish, etc.
  • Packaging of stationery such as books, magazines, notebooks, pencils, pens, etc.
  • Packaging of household appliances such as kitchen appliances, sanitary appliances, etc.
  • Packaging of pharmaceutical and medical products such as tablets, capsules, syrups, bandages, etc.
  • Packaging of clothing products such as clothes, shoes, etc.
  • Packaging of industrial products such as car parts, oil and gas industry accessories, etc.
  • Packing and sending online orders and…
  • Packaging promotional gifts and…
  • Packaging of chemical products and…

Advantages of using cardboard in product packaging

  1. Product protection: Due to its strong and hard structure, the carton can protect the products from impact, moisture, dust and other transportation hazards.
  2. Lightweight and portable: Due to its lightness and the possibility of folding, the carton is very suitable for easy transportation and in some cases it is distributed by mail or sent by courier.
  3. Recyclability: Cardboard is made of materials that can be recycled and used as raw materials to make new cardboard. This saves natural resources and reduces environmental pollution.
  4. lower cost: Due to its low price and the possibility of recycling, cardboard reduces the cost of packaging and transportation.
  5. Printing ability: Due to its smooth surface and the ability to print on it, cardboard can be used as a means of advertising and branding products.