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Packaging is one of the important stages in the process of producing and sending products, which is very important. The main purpose of packaging and box making is to protect the products against the risks of transportation, storage and storage for delivery to customers. In this part, we are going to investigate more about packaging and its importance.

Importance of packaging:

Packaging, in addition to protection, has a great impact on the sale and promotion of products. Proper packaging gives an attractive shape and image to products and can have a significant impact on customers’ decision to buy products. On the other hand, improper packaging of products can cause a drop in sales and even loss of customers.

Different packaging:

Product packaging is divided into several types, the most important of which are primary, secondary and transportation packaging.
Primary packaging:
Primary packaging is the primary packaging of the product at the time of production. In other words, this type of packaging includes product packaging during its initial production and processing. The main purpose of primary packaging is to protect the product from possible risks during production and processing. Primary packaging usually includes packaging of raw materials, packaging of intermediate materials and packaging of the final product.
The advantages of primary packaging include the following:
• Product protection: Primary packaging protects the product against various risks such as mechanical damage, moisture, light, dust and air pollution.
• Extending the life of the product: By using primary packaging, the product can be stored for a longer period of time.
• Attracting customers’ attention: The primary packaging can attract many customers and gain more profit from product sales by means of beautiful and attractive design.
• reduction in costs: By using primary packaging, it is possible to reduce the costs of product damage and defects.

Secondary packaging:
Secondary packaging is the packaging of products during shipping and distribution to customers. The main purpose of secondary packaging is to protect the product against the risks of transportation and storage. Secondary packaging usually includes cardboard packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging and glass packaging. One of the cases that has a significant impact on product sales is secondary packaging, which should be given special attention
The advantages of secondary packaging are:
• Protection of the product against the risks of transportation and storage
• Increasing the product’s resistance to different environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature
• Creating an identifier for the product and reducing the possibility of its loss during shipping
• Attracting customers’ attention with beautiful and attractive packaging

Shipping Packaging:
Transport packaging is the packaging of products during transportation and storage. The main purpose of transport packaging is to protect products from the risks of transport and storage. Transport packaging usually includes pallet packaging, roll packaging, pallet packaging and box packaging.

The advantages of shipping packaging are:
• Product protection: Transport packaging acts as a protective layer for the product and protects it from transport hazards such as mechanical damage, moisture, light, dust and air pollution.
Reducing transportation costs: By using transport packaging, the transport can be carried out faster and the goods can be loaded and sent quickly, which will occupy less cargo space and reduce the cost of transport.
• Creating trust in customers: By using transport packaging, you can show customers that you care about the protection of their products and pay attention to the safety of their products. This guarantees the trust of customers and makes them trust you and buy from you again.
• Reducing delivery time: By using transport packaging, it is possible to reduce the delivery time of products and increase customer satisfaction.