Printing and packaging

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The basic structure of printing and packaging

In the structure of printing and packaging, which is necessarily one of the cases of that box, we have a variety of basic structures for folding boxes, and here we have displayed several of these types of structures with pictures.

Expanded box plan with box dimensions
This image shows a map of a large box.

The above dimensions and angles are provided for sample purposes only and may change.

Wide box with the side of the box marked
This image shows a map of a large box with the side of the box also displayed.

The dashed line shows the printing limit and the continuous dots (…..) show the adhesive part of the box.

Types of base structure for folding boxes

In the basic structures of printing and packaging, European standard structures were created based on international standardizations, all of which are fully included in printing, packaging and box making software. From this category, the following forms can be mentioned.

6 basic structure for folding boxes in printing and packaging
The picture shows the six basic structures used to make folding boxes in printing and packaging.

In the next photo, we have used various other maps that have an upper appendage to show the basic structure for folding boxes.

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Printing and packaging

Printing and packaging is a process in which the products produced by the manufacturer are offered to the market by suitable packaging. This process is very important to maintain safety, transportability, storage and better sale of products.
In the printing process, product information such as name, brand, expiration date, price and other details are printed on the package. This information can be applied manually or using automatic printing equipment.
In the packaging phase, the products are placed in appropriate packages to protect them from physical damage and possible damage during transportation. Packaging materials may include cartons, bags, bottles, glass, etc. The purpose of packaging is to protect the product, the appearance and attractiveness of the packaging is also important to attract customers.

Image of four products to show printing and packaging
In this picture, four different products are shown to show and introduce the printing and packaging process.

Three basic actions that must be taken into account during product packaging include:

– Creating visual appeal: The packaging must be attractive and beautiful to attract the attention of customers. Attractive colors, unique designs and the use of appropriate text can help increase your sales.
– Product protection: The packaging must protect the product from damage such as impact, scratches, breakage, etc. While the volume and weight of the packaging should be avoided in order to reduce the cost of transportation.
– Provide useful information: The packaging should include useful information about your product, information such as product name, ingredients, contents, expiration date, weight, volume, etc. This information helps customers make better purchasing decisions and helps you in marketing and selling your product.

Image of two products to show printing and packaging
In this picture, two different products are shown to show and introduce the printing and packaging process.

Necessary measures to create visual appeal in printing and packaging

1- Color: Choosing attractive colors that match the desired content and product can increase visual appeal. It is better to use colors to have more correlation with the type of product. At the same time, special attention should be paid to color balance and harmony with other elements.
2- Layout: a suitable and attractive layout can be very effective for attracting customers. It should be creative enough, up-to-date and also simple enough to express the product well.
3- Font: Choosing the right and attractive font can be very effective for the visual appeal of the product. The font should be chosen in such a way that it harmonizes with the content and layout of the product.
4- Image and graphics: using attractive images and graphics that are suitable for the product can increase the visual appeal. It should be creative enough and at the same time harmonious with the content of the product.
5- Packaging material: Choosing the right packaging material can be very effective for visual appeal.
The packaging material should be chosen in such a way that it is in harmony with the content of the product and also with the intended purpose. For example, for stylish and luxury products, choosing packaging with special and high-quality material and design can be effective for visual appeal.

Necessary measures to protect the product that must be taken into account during packaging

The topic of product protection is one of the things that should be given special attention during printing and packaging, and in order to ensure the health and safety of the product during transportation, necessary preventive measures should be used. Some of the necessary actions are as follows:
1- Choosing the right packaging: you should use the right and quality packaging so that it can withstand impact, shock and vibration and avoid the damage and risks caused by it.
2- Use of protective layers: protective layers such as foam can be used to protect the product so that the product is not damaged during transportation.
3- Labeling: Labels should be applied on the packaging so that they are paid attention to during the transfer of products and damage caused by negligence is minimized. These labels can include information such as product name, production date, expiration date, manufacturer’s name and address, product weight and volume, and other useful information.
4- Transportation: one should use the appropriate methods for transporting the product according to its nature and pay attention to the necessary accuracy in its transportation. For this purpose, quality cardboard boxes suitable for transportation can be used to avoid possible damages.
5- Storage: To maintain the health of the product, it must be stored in appropriate conditions and in accordance with the writings on the packaging. For example, the product may need to be stored in a cool, dry environment.
Therefore, during printing and packaging, tips related to the product and how to store it should be provided so that it is taken into consideration during transportation or even storage after the purchase of the customer.

Printing and packaging of various Iranian export products

In the field of printing and packaging, whenever we talk about the type of packaging, the container is considered first, from the quality and type of material to the choice of the type of lock, depending on what exactly is going to be on which level of the package. let’s group In this article, we try to explain the types of packaging for Iran’s important and different export products.

  • Saffron printing and packaging

Printing and packaging of saffron in retail stores is done in various types of metal, glass, crystal plastic containers, cardboard boxes with windows (which are usually printed and packaged with high quality). In addition to the saffron flower and its flags, the design on these packages includes items such as inlay, brand name gilding, traditional Iranian designs, etc. Usually, saffron printing and packaging containers have simple designs with a white or colorless background, which can be innovatively used with more fancy designs for printing and packaging saffron. Usually, saffron printing and packaging containers have simple designs with a white or colorless background, which can be innovatively used with more fancy designs for printing and packaging saffron. This type of printing and packaging, in addition to fantasy and novelty, should also convey the value of saffron as red gold to the customer.

  • Date printing and packaging

Iranian dates are a high-quality and popular product, unfortunately, due to lack of attention to printing and packaging, its export is not done properly. It is enough to visit the luxury stores in the UAE to find out the possible appeal of printing and packaging date products and to understand the prices that this product is dealing with in the world markets. Golden and brown colors and the image of dates are used in date printing and packaging. The material of the containers in the printing and packing of dates in luxury works is metal or high quality cardboard and in other cases gray back cardboard is used in different weights depending on the quality.

  • Summer printing and packaging

In the last two decades, summer products have found a special place in the basket of Iranian export goods. Bell peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, and cucumbers are exported to the Persian Gulf countries, Iraq, and Russia in cartons and plastic cartons, and the quality of printing and packaging is one of the basic requirements for export. In plastic cartons, due to the difficulty and cost of silk printing, a label with high print quality is usually placed on the bottom of the door packaging to show the product information. In cartons, the situation is different, High Graphic flexo machines usually produce lockable cartons with high strength and pleasant and beautiful printing, and virgin paper is used on top of it (because it does not absorb moisture). Summer printing and packaging can also be seen in laminated cardboard works, the price of which has increased significantly in recent years. The images on the carton are usually the shape of the contents of the carton and information about the brand. Cardboard similar to gift paper (with small repetitive designs) is less used in this industry, which instills a fantasy attitude to the product.

  • Caviar printing and packaging

Caviar, this unique Iranian product known as Iranian caviar, Caspian caviar, or Caspian caviar, as a product with high nutritional value and expensive, of course, requires special printing and packaging. What is important in the field of printing and packaging for the old manufacturers of this field is the color management and the uniformity of the color spectrum of the packaging in all batches in order to ensure the authenticity of the product by the customer. Caviar product printing and packaging is usually presented in canned metal cans with graphics in the form of caviar-producing fish, which evokes a sense of strength, value, antiquity and originality.

  • Pistachio printing and packaging

It is known that Iranian nuts and dried fruits are unique in terms of taste. For example, Iranian pistachios have their own fans all over the world, especially in Europe, since printing and packaging in the European market is of particular importance in terms of maintaining the quality of the edible product, hygiene, easy transportation without damage and beauty. Positioning pistachios as a strategic product will ensure good sales in the European market. Currently, most manufacturers use metal boxes to package this product, but due to strict environmental considerations in the field of printing and packaging in Europe, it may be necessary to send pistachios with luxury cardboard packaging in the near future, so the authorities’ attention This area is necessary to design alternative packaging for printing and current packaging.

  • Printing and packaging of sweets

Despite the fact that people are less aware of the export of sweets, Iranian sweets, especially in its dry form, have enjoyed a significant dollar volume in Iran’s exports in the last decade. Therefore, the printing and packaging of this product has become more obvious. If you travel to Turkey and the city of Istanbul and compare the packaging quality of Turkish baklava, especially in famous brands, with Iranian sweets, you will notice the significant difference between the printing and packaging of Iranian sweets (despite its high quality). In addition to printing and packaging, the graphic design on the boxes is also of great importance, which makes the requirement of observing these points more obvious for the competitiveness of Iranian products. Although some brands use high-quality metal boxes to export their confectionery products, but by doing so, they increase the cost of their products, so paying attention to increasing the technical and knowledge quality of specialized printing and packaging complexes can help in this field. Be a pioneer.

In general, it can be said that the merit of Iranian goods is doubled with quality packaging, so a national determination with the support of the government is very valuable in this regard.