Introducing the company "Farahonar Novin"

Farahnernoin Company is a manufacturer of luxury cardboard boxes and cartons for various health, cosmetic, food, candy and chocolate industries, tobacco, electronic industries, automobile industries, etc. The distinguishing feature of this collection with other similar companies is the presence of professional designer personnel and machines with the latest European technology, which has brought the possibility of producing products with special effects of printing, cutting and gluing boxes at high speed and on a mass scale. The production of paper, boxes, and mother cartons in the collection guarantees the price, delivery time, and quality of the finished product, and makes it possible to offer complete packaging packages to customers.
One of the concerns of customers and distributors of boxes is the healthiness of the salon and production conditions. Farahner Novin has complied with all the standards and requirements of a food and pharmaceutical grade collection. Farahner Novin company is at the service of customers to decorate their goods with the most optimal and beautiful packaging.

  • More than 30 experts
  • More than 800 satisfied customers
  • More than 600 personnel in the group
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Green Diamond Industrial Group

almas sabs fas 1

Almas Sabzkavir Company

Phase 1: Manufacturer of three-layer and five-layer cardboard sheets

almas sabs fas 2

Almas Sabz Kavir Company

Phase 2: Manufacturer of all types of cellulose cartons

modern kaghaz

Modern green industry paper factory producing packaging paper


Farahner Novin Company produces all kinds of boxes, labels and laminated sheets

karton plus

Hadish Carton Plast Company produces all kinds of polypropylene sheets and boxes

kaghaz kar almas 1

Almas Paper Company produces all kinds of floating paper

firoze karton pars

Modern Sanat Sabz Cardboard Company produces all kinds of cartons

List of subgroups of Almas Sabz Industrial Group

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Modern carton green industry
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Hedish Plast
کار 2اصلی 1
Green diamond paper work
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Modern green paper industry
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The green diamond of the Yazd desert
Modern printing and packaging