Detergent carton

Sample Sheet type Composition line Number of cuts sheet length sheet width cut size Carton length Carton width Height
(1) 3 layer flute Craft floating quasi craft 6 3 134.60 180 56.60 38.40 27.20 29.40
(2) 3 layer flute Craft floating Craft 4 2 127.40 150 69.10 32.50 29.50 39.70
(3) 3 layer flute quasi craft floating Craft 6 3 113.80 160 50.90 30.90 24.30 26.70

Detergent carton

Introduction: The preparation of detergent cartons is an important step in the preservation of powder products, which requires knowledge of the appropriate types of paper for the preparation of these cartons. In this article, we will examine the selection of paper types for the preparation of detergent cartons and the reasons for using different weights of these papers.

Suitable paper for making detergent cartons

High grammage for greater strength: It is recommended to use high grammage papers for the preparation of washing powder cartons, due to the increased strength and hardness of the carton. High grammage makes the cardboard more resistant to pressure and shocks.

Low grammage to be more economical: When cardboard is used for transporting detergent products and does not require special hardness, you can use papers with lower grammage. This choice will be suitable because it is more economical in paper consumption.

Detergent carton production steps

Step 1: Selection of materials

Choose the right paper for carton production. It is better to use high grammage paper to increase the strength of the carton.

Step 2: Cutting

Cut the paper to the desired dimensions, both using a slitter and using a cutoff. At this stage, the length and width of the sheet are determined according to the dimensions of the carton and the final dimensions of the carton are prepared.

Step 3: Printing on cardboard

The printing device should be set based on the print forms. This step includes various settings such as pressure, speed and print quality.

By making the settings of the previous step, the printing machine starts printing on the carton. This step requires constant care and monitoring.

After printing, the cartons are cut into the final shape. This final cut must be done carefully so that the cartons are prepared in the exact shape they are intended to be.

After printing and cutting, the final quality of the print and the accuracy of the cuts are checked to ensure that the integrity and quality of the cartons are maximized.

Glue the cut cartons together with a glue machine and shape the carton.

Step 4: Strengthening the connections

To increase the strength of the cardboard, you can reinforce its connections with strong adhesives.

Important points in preparing detergent cartons

  • Be sure to use high-quality papers to prepare the carton to ensure the durability and strength of the carton.
  • If using a lower grammage, use more layers of paper to increase the strength of the carton.
  • While cutting and preparing the carton, pay attention to determine the dimensions and final shape of the carton correctly.

Important questions

1. Why is it important to choose the right paper for preparing detergent cartons? Choosing the right paper for the preparation of detergent cartons is effective based on the need for carton strength and ensures its durability and resistance.

2. What are the advantages of using high grammage paper for making cartons? High grammage papers increase the strength and hardness of the carton and increase its resistance to pressure and shocks. In cases where you can use lower grammage papers to make cartons, please use more care in your product engineering to avoid further damage to your product.

3. Can I use the so-called colored (yellow) papers to prepare the washing powder carton? Using colored papers can increase the attractiveness of the cardboard, but it is better to use high quality colored papers.

4. Does the carton made of low weight paper have enough resistance? Yes, the carton made of low grammage paper can also have good resistance in cases that do not require special strength. But in cases of transporting sensitive products, it is recommended to choose paper with high grammage.

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