Food industry carton

Food industry carton

Food industry carton (or food carton) is a type of food packaging that is often made from materials such as white cardboard or kraft paper. This type of packaging consists of two to several layers of paper, and due to its characteristics (lightness, water resistance, flexibility and impact resistance), it is used for packing different foods such as cereals, fast food, sweets, fruits. , vegetables, etc. are used.

The materials used in food industry cartons are known as one of the popular methods of food packaging around the world due to their ability to recycle and protect the contents against pollution, light, moisture and air.

How does the food industry carton attract customers?

Food industry cartons can play an important role in attracting customers and confirming their trust in the brand and product. Several factors can play an effective role in this field:

  • Attractiveness and beauty of packaging: food industry cartons can provide a presentation for the brand and product with a beautiful and creative design and help customers feel more satisfied and satisfied with their purchase.
  • Product protection: Due to its various features, the food industry carton can protect products from contamination, scratches and other damages, thus increasing customer trust in the brand and product.
  • Providing information to customers: Food industry cartons can act as a means of communication between the brand and the customer and provide information such as product name, ingredients, expiration date and how to use to customers.
  • Recyclability: Due to its recyclability, the food industry carton can demonstrate the brand’s commitment to environmental protection and the company’s social responsibility, and increase customer trust in the brand.

In what branches is the food industry carton used?

As one of the most popular packaging in the food industry, the food industry carton is used in many fields of this industry. Below are some of these:

  • Packaging of dry food products: Carton is used as one of the best packaging for dry food products such as biscuits, chocolate, etc. Cardboard is known as one of the useful packaging in this field due to its light weight, the ability to maintain product quality, as well as the possibility of printing and designing on it.
  • Packaging of fresh food: As one of the packages that has high breathability, carton is used to pack fresh food such as fruits and vegetables. Due to this property, the carton allows air to penetrate the product and prevent its spoilage.
  • Packaging of meat products: Carton is one of the packagings that has high isolation properties, and is used for packaging meat products such as red meat and chicken. By using cartons, it becomes possible to separate meat products from each other and also separate them from other packaging tools.
  • Beverage packaging: As one of the packaging that has the ability to maintain temperature, carton is used for packaging beverages such as milk, mineral water, juice, etc. By using cartons, it is possible to prevent the increase in temperature and the loss of the properties of drinks.